August 23, 2009

time not well spent

So I had ample time today to do some scrapbooking which I desperately need to do. you think I took advantage of the time? I did, not but for scrapbooking. I chose to relax. Friday and Saturday we ran the moving sale again. Friday was so slow and Saturday was crappy weather. Oh well. We'll be running it next weekend out at my parents! I am all alone to run the surgery registrations and pre-registrations as well as helping out with the cancer center pre-registrations all this week! I will be so glad to get our new guy trained and perhaps take a few days off from work before the move! Although, I probably will work every day and just let them send me a check for my accumulated PTO! :)
I have found myself addicted to a few new things lately...
*Researching homeschool products and curriculum (it fascinates me the differences between home-schooled children and children taught in public schools)
*Getting inspiration for scrapbooking and card-making (and not turning that inspiration into production).
*Researching baby products and baby, I'm not pregnant.
*Finding time to spend with real, true friends!

Saturday was spent walking around downtown for Danish Festival. Nothing that I couldn't live without.
Sunday (today) we walked around Veteran's Park. This time we found a couple of things! A small travel water bowl for Vega (hopefully we can put it to good use on the trip down to Florida) and some books of patterned paper for scrapbooking (only $1.00 a piece...some had 30-some sheets and some had 50-some sheets!!). We also had gyros. They were out of original (lamb) so I had chicken. Definitely not as good as the original.

I need to get down to scrapbooking and card-making this week. I have lots of events (anniversaries, birthdays, etc) to make cards for and I need to get caught up on my least make a dent in my wedding pictures:) It is so relaxing to me, I just don't know why I don't make it more of a priority each day. So there's my goal for this fit that in among work and playing disc golf on Monday, work and learning with my sister-in-law Tuesday, work and church on Wednesday, work and volunteering and moving sale on Thursday, work and moving sale and Pure Romance party on Friday, chilling on Saturday (I hope...unless we run the sale then too...we'll see). Busy week!

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