March 29, 2011

2nd weigh-in, doctor visit, and resistance bands

So my second weigh-in was today. Another 3.9 pounds lost.
Now I just have to exercise more and make sure to get my water in every day.
Saw the doctor. Labs are great. I'm healthy, just still overweight.
Class was on the use of resistance bands. I liked them a lot so I bought one:)
All in all, a good day!

March 28, 2011

Lazy weekend

"Love me in full being." -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This past weekend was a mostly lazy weekend for me.
Friday I took the dog for a 30 minute walk. It was easy for me to get out and go, however, the further I walked, the more I felt like turning around. Not because I was tired, but because I was just feeling discouraged that I couldn't walk like I used to. Oh well, I sucked it up and walked the whole way and felt great when I got home!
Hmm...Saturday I sat around most of the day watching tv and playing Guitar Hero. Sunday I watched some more tv and played some more Guitar Hero. I tried a Strawberry Cheesecake shake recipe, but it wasn't anything special. I did some dishes and put away laundry.
I was playing Guitar Hero on Sunday and out of nowhere, I thought of a great line for my speech for my sister's wedding. So, I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote out part of my speech:)
I can't believe my baby sister's getting married!
I woke up this morning feeling defeated from the weekend since I didn't really do anything productive. So, to make up for it, I walked on my lunch to the lab draw station and back. Yep, I had to get more labs drawn. My poor vein...they poke me in the same spot every time. Oh well.
Oh...and apparently I had a vitamin D deficiency to begin with, so now I'm on a vitamin D pill along with my multi-vitamin. At least they're vitamins and not drugs.
So, tonight, I have several tasks to complete since I basically did nothing this weekend. They will have to wait until after orchestra rehearsal! I can't wait!

March 23, 2011


This will be short.
Today was just not a good day for me.
Despite everything that went wrong, I did manage to get my 20 minute walk in and drank all my water! For that, I am proud of myself.
Tomorrow's a new day.

March 22, 2011

Start of week 2

Had a great orchestra rehearsal yesterday! I love being able to play in the orchestra! So much fun!

Today was my first weigh-in and group meeting! I lost 7.6 pounds in the first week! I feel great! The group meeting was about emotional eating. A lot of people struggle with that. My struggle is that I eat when I'm bored or lonely. Hmm...guess I better keep myself busy:)

I got to purchase some new food too!
My new 'pantry' - top shelf
And the bottom shelf:

Yay! I'm stocked for a few weeks now:) I discovered that I prefer to have a variety to choose from or I get bored with the food too easily. So I got some new stuff and a bunch of the stuff that I really like!

So a great day for me!
Oh, also, yesterday, I got my Quarter Note Cricut cartridge in the mail and ordered my Gypsy! I have got to get back into making cards and scrapbooking!
On that note...I am signing off to go listen to the thunder and rain and try to get some sleep!

March 20, 2011

Day 4

Since my calendar sits on my desk at work, I don't have my calendar quote for the weekend. Instead, I found something else:)
"Because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me good and more than any fate could have done to make me happy. You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You have done it by being yourself."

I woke up Saturday morning ready to go. I should have just gotten up then, but I went back to bed and slept way too long. Breakfast was delicious, though! Bacon and cheese omelet and a mug of stress relief tea. I'm finding that it's harder to get my water in because I'm just relaxing at home. Guess I better get off my butt and get some stuff done huh?! and schoolwork is for Sunday. Today is all about Guitar Hero, reading, playing my violin, and visiting with friends!

Wow...Saturday was hard to get my calories in. I didn't have much of a schedule because I was being lazy at home. So, I got to munch on a bunch of food while playing games with one of my best friends and her hubby! Love you guys! 

Went bowling with my family and then out to eat on Sunday. I got a ridiculous amount of gutter balls on the first game. The second game, however, I got several strikes, including three on the tenth frame!! First time I've ever done that!
Going out to eat was interesting. I brought my soup mix. When they took drink orders, I, of course, ordered a water. Then came the food ordering. I ordered a cup of hot water. I felt like an idiot but I got over it. Then I had to ask for a bowl and a spoon (apparently you only get a fork and a knife normally).
Saw The Adjustment Bureau. Definitely an interesting movie.
Now I am exhausted and sore (I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders). Still have to eat some pudding before I hit the sack though. They told me that I had to at least get to 800 calories each day no matter what. So swiss chocolate pudding then bedtime...sounds good to me! :)

March 18, 2011

Day 3

"You can love only in proportion to your capacity for independence." -Rollo May

I had so much energy today! It is getting easier to get my water in. Probably because the food is full  protein and fiber and makes me thirsty. Plus it's nice to be able to have tea and Crystal Light. It was hard to pass up jello shots last night though. :)

Food for today: vanilla cappuccino, strawberry cheesecake protein bar, turkey chili with beans, cinnamon cookies, dark chocolate s'mores protein bar, swiss chocolate pudding.

I am way too excited for it to be the weekend! Tonight I have schoolwork. Tomorrow I will be cleaning the apartment and cleaning my soul with some scrapbooking and playing my violin! Then in the evening, headed to a friend's house for game night! Sunday starts my 5K run training! Should be a great weekend!

Funnies for today:
Confucius say...
*Man who run in front of car get tired.
*Man who run behind car get exhausted.
*Man with one chopstick go hungry.
*Man who scratch butt should not bite fingernails.
*Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.
*War does not determine who is right; war determines who is left.
*Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cathouse.
*Man who drive like hell bound to get there.
*Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.
*Man who fish in other man's well often catch crabs.
*Crowded elevator smell different to midget.

Day 2

*Ok, so I forgot to post this yesterday, so here it is... :)

"Love opens the doors into everything...including and perhaps most of all, the door into one's own secret, and often terrible and frightening, real self." -May Sarton

I almost got my 64 ounces of water in again today (total 56 for today). I'm too exhausted to even brew my cup of stress relief tea. Bummer.
Food for the day: vanilla cappuccino, dark chocolate s'mores protein bar, cream of broccoli soup, parmesan protein chips, peppermint cocoa crunch protein bar, maple brown sugar turkey stick, and a vanilla shake.

Hung out at my sister's place for some St Patrick's Day fun (and some strange fun it was...). I was very tempted to cheat! They had some pinwheel wraps that looked absolutely delicious. I know me, though. If I were to have strayed then, I'd just keep straying. Nope, I'm sticking with the program!

I haven't mentioned exercise yet because I haven't started. :) I am getting more steps in by always taking the stairs when available, making multiple trips to the kitchen at work, and taking the longer route whenever I have the chance. Sunday starts my 5K training for the Fifth Third River Bank run. I'm pretty excited to get going on that!

The only strange thing I've noticed is that I'm hot a lot of the time.

I got to pick up my violin today. They said it wouldn't be done until Monday so that was a nice surprise! Beautiful sound now! I am so excited to get some practice in tomorrow! New strings, new case, sound post moved, end button fixed, and a re-haired bow!

March 16, 2011

Day 1

I have this calendar that has a quote about love for each day. Some of them are very strange. I thought today's was interesting.
"Love is most nearly itself when here and now cease to matter." - T.S. Eliot

Non weight loss updates: Got the call from my favorite music store. My violin is going to cost much less than I thought! Yay!

Day 1: Aside from being exhausted from not sleeping well, I feel fantastic! I got all 64 ounces of water in today (included in that is one cup of peppermint tea and one cup of stress relief tea).
Food for the day consisted of: vanilla cappuccino, strawberry cheesecake protein bar, vegetable lasagna, pineapple-orange protein drink, swiss chocolate pudding, creamy chicken soup with a little salsa mixed in, and some honey almond cookies.
Aside from a boat load of trips to the bathroom from all the water, it was actually a lot easier to get it all in than I thought it was going to be. I took my measurements last night so I can track inches lost along with pounds.

I guess that's the brunt of it all. Nothing too exciting. :) Time for sleep!

March 15, 2011

Prep for Week 1

Today was my prep day for my first week of my weight loss program. I met with the dietitian, who, by the way, is amazing! She just gave me some pointers and helped me pick out food for the next 2 weeks. It is all pre-packaged, high protein, low card, low fat foods. I purchase them right at the office. They have a store! It is nice to be able to go in and just pick something off the shelf:) So, $140 for food for the next two weeks.
I then met with the exercise specialist. He just went over the basics of what we will be doing in class each week and we just chatted about the basics of exercise. Ideally I am to shoot for 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. As much as I would love to do so, I can't bite off too much at one time or I'll choke. So, I downloaded and printed the training regimen for the 5K Fifth Third River Bank Run. The training schedule stars on March 20, so that's when I'll start. I don't plan on actually running the 5K, but, who knows, I just might be able to do it at the end of my journey!
So, my week one starts tomorrow. That means I better hit the store! I need a multivitamin. Also, I'm allowed to add spices and herbs to my foods. I'm allowed a little bit of sugar free jam/jelly, sugar free syrup, or fat-free Redi Whip each day so I think I'll pick up some of that too. Oh, and salsa, which I already have! I can't wait to try the Creamy Chicken soup with a couple of tablespoon of salsa in it!
I am way too excited for this program!

After running errands, I got to enjoy some retail therapy at my favorite music store in town! A couple of new piano/vocal/guitar books to play around with, a new red case and new strings for my violin! I dropped it off for them to do a playing quality inspection. Basically a "tune-up" to make sure it's in the best shape for playing. When I get it back, it will for sure have new strings attached and my bow will have been re-haired! We'll see how much the cosmetic stuff costs before I okay them.

Next on the agenda is playing my guitar, catching up on a few tv shows, and reading. What an awesome day!

March 3, 2011

New Journey

I started this blog as a place to put the things I create. In the process of reclaiming myself and getting back to who I really am, I realized that crafting is a big part of my life, but only a part. So, now, as I am beginning a new journey, I will be updating here as well as posting my crafts.
First of all, I will start with what I currently have going on.
*I am in school again. I am only going part-time so I won't be done as soon as I would have liked. I am loving my classes and can't wait to get into my clinical classes (I still have a few semesters before that happens).
*I still work full-time and love my job, although I sit at a desk all day (something that will be changing with this new journey).
*I play my violin in the Rockford Community Orchestra. I absolutely am having a blast with it.
*I finally had a chance last weekend to see Michatucky. I have been telling a friend of mine for quite a while that I would come see them. They are amazing. Great variety of music. I don't think there was a song they played that I didn't enjoy. I definitely will be seeing them again.
*My sister is getting married in April so I have been busy with planning showers, attending showers, designing and making (with help) the wedding invitations, putting together reception decorations, dress and accessory shopping, and just spending time with her. I am so excited for this wedding. I am sad that she and her soon-to-be husband will be leaving us though. They will be moving out of state. Eh, it will give me a place to vacation:)

Second, the new journey.
I am going to be participating in a medically supervised weight loss program. I hope to use this blog to document my journey. I meet with the doctor for the first time next week Thursday.
The basics of the program:
*800-900 calories per day of high protein foods (all purchased from the "store" where I am doing the program)
*labs once a week to make sure my body is handling the food well and that I am staying at good levels
*meeting once per week with the nurse/doctor one-on-one and then a group meeting where we will meet with either the dietitian, exercise therapist, or behaviorist
*program runs for 12 weeks, and then 4 weeks of transitioning back to regular food

I will get the full details once I meet with the doctor next week.
So, that's my new journey. I hope that by keeping this blog I will be able to keep myself accountable (although a little encouragement from others never hurts) and it will give me an excuse to get back into crafting more often so that I can post some things here.
That's all for now. :)