March 15, 2011

Prep for Week 1

Today was my prep day for my first week of my weight loss program. I met with the dietitian, who, by the way, is amazing! She just gave me some pointers and helped me pick out food for the next 2 weeks. It is all pre-packaged, high protein, low card, low fat foods. I purchase them right at the office. They have a store! It is nice to be able to go in and just pick something off the shelf:) So, $140 for food for the next two weeks.
I then met with the exercise specialist. He just went over the basics of what we will be doing in class each week and we just chatted about the basics of exercise. Ideally I am to shoot for 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. As much as I would love to do so, I can't bite off too much at one time or I'll choke. So, I downloaded and printed the training regimen for the 5K Fifth Third River Bank Run. The training schedule stars on March 20, so that's when I'll start. I don't plan on actually running the 5K, but, who knows, I just might be able to do it at the end of my journey!
So, my week one starts tomorrow. That means I better hit the store! I need a multivitamin. Also, I'm allowed to add spices and herbs to my foods. I'm allowed a little bit of sugar free jam/jelly, sugar free syrup, or fat-free Redi Whip each day so I think I'll pick up some of that too. Oh, and salsa, which I already have! I can't wait to try the Creamy Chicken soup with a couple of tablespoon of salsa in it!
I am way too excited for this program!

After running errands, I got to enjoy some retail therapy at my favorite music store in town! A couple of new piano/vocal/guitar books to play around with, a new red case and new strings for my violin! I dropped it off for them to do a playing quality inspection. Basically a "tune-up" to make sure it's in the best shape for playing. When I get it back, it will for sure have new strings attached and my bow will have been re-haired! We'll see how much the cosmetic stuff costs before I okay them.

Next on the agenda is playing my guitar, catching up on a few tv shows, and reading. What an awesome day!

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