March 22, 2011

Start of week 2

Had a great orchestra rehearsal yesterday! I love being able to play in the orchestra! So much fun!

Today was my first weigh-in and group meeting! I lost 7.6 pounds in the first week! I feel great! The group meeting was about emotional eating. A lot of people struggle with that. My struggle is that I eat when I'm bored or lonely. Hmm...guess I better keep myself busy:)

I got to purchase some new food too!
My new 'pantry' - top shelf
And the bottom shelf:

Yay! I'm stocked for a few weeks now:) I discovered that I prefer to have a variety to choose from or I get bored with the food too easily. So I got some new stuff and a bunch of the stuff that I really like!

So a great day for me!
Oh, also, yesterday, I got my Quarter Note Cricut cartridge in the mail and ordered my Gypsy! I have got to get back into making cards and scrapbooking!
On that note...I am signing off to go listen to the thunder and rain and try to get some sleep!

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