November 3, 2010

Blog Candy - All 148 Promarkers

Check out Going Buggy's blog. She does some incredible coloring work with these markers and she's giving away a whole set of them! Good luck!

October 23, 2010

Hello Thursday!

Check out these examples of the Hello Thursday! releases! I have to say that I have been waiting for a cartridge like Quarter Note for quite some time now! I am also excited for the Ornamental Iron because it has such beautiful cuts! Now I just sit back and wait for Black Friday deals to come out:)
More examples here:
Courtney Lane Designs
Great football tag, card, and treat box
I hope you check out the other posts on these blogs, too, as they are wonderful!
They also have some great giveaways this week! Enjoy!

October 15, 2010

Last year's Christmas cards

It's only 71 days away! Yep, Christmas is coming soon! I found pictures of some of the cards that I made last year and thought I'd share! Enjoy!

May 1, 2010

Everyday Cricut Expression Giveaway!

Head over to Everyday Cricut for chances to win a Cricut Expression!
I have learned so much from this blog! It is by far my favorite blog for my crafting!
Good luck and hope you enjoy their work!

April 28, 2010

It's been a month already (blog candy link too)!

I had no idea that it has already been a whole month since the last time I posted anything! Shame on me! I have been watching message boards and blogs like crazy the past few weeks for ideas and challenges. I am ready to partake and get myself back on the bandwagon! I have so many cards to get pictures of and post! I can't wait to get started! I have a little bit of self-motivation these days but I could really use some serious support from someone else too! I want to get out and start walking. I also need to make sure to set aside some time each week for my crafting. It's such a relaxing escape!
My first 'crafty' thing for today is a link to some awesome blog candy!
Head over there for a chance to win!
Having worked third shift this past evening, I shall leave it at that and head to bed.

March 23, 2010

new toys

I am so excited to get going with making cards! I really need to carve out time to get them done. One of my friends has just gotten her craft room flooring and windows in! We get to start moving stuff in there this Thursday! I can't wait! I have so many ideas floating around in my head and scratched onto my sketch pad! I have a few new Cricut cartridges that I have been dying to try! I hope to post pics soon of what I come up with! what's new? Well, I am totally addicted to Close to my Heart. I just can't seem to get enough of their stuff! Love the stamps, the paper, the ribbon, the embellishments, and their tools! Just love it all! Everything is coordinated so it's very easy to compile something quickly.
I am really hoping for a full-time job soon. It is hard jumping back and forth between a flex and a part-time job. I love them both, but it's taking a toll on my sleep pattern, my eating pattern, and just my general overall health.
I went shopping the other day and bought a couple of new shirts and new cute undies:) I am loving feeling cute! I feel cute almost every day now (and that's a big deal because for a long time I did not).
I have been spending much needed time with friends more often! House night with one of my bestest friends, crafting with another good friend, home parties with friends I haven't seen in a long time, nights on the town with it!
Have been keeping close with my family. I love them so much! Spending time with my siblings has been amazing! My parents are wonderful and I really do enjoy spending time with them! In fact, we all just went bowling last weekend as a family and it was a blast! Now, if only, I was able to head out of state to be with more family. My grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well at all. Definitely keeping him in my thoughts. I continue to hope for a full-time job. I think that is about it. There is so much love and joy in me that hasn't been there in so long! I am officially in love with life!

February 15, 2010

I am amazed

I am amazed that something from my past coming back into my life can be so overwhelmingly incredible! I have a permanent smile on my face! There is "a hole the size of Texas deep inside of my heart" that has been filled finally! Yeah, I know...I am back to my old self with my music! I missed my songs! Now every day is a new set of lyrics. Everything I do reminds me of a song! Music is amazing! Words or no words. It has the ability to change your mood; to relax you; to uplift you; to energize you. It is just amazingly beautiful!
So...there really was a huge hole in my heart. I am just amazed at what an awesome feeling this is. No holding back. No hiding who I really am. No fussing over the little things. Nope. The real me. That's who I am again! Oh how I missed me. Welcome back Kelly!

February 5, 2010

The New and The Old

-Second job! Different hospital, same work. Training this past week and next week! Loving it!
-Won the Monday Mug contest at work. The prize this time was a plastic football shaped tray (like for chips and dip), beef jerky, cheese popcorn, onion ring flavored chip things, buffalo sticks, raisinettes, mini butterfingers, and junior mints! What an awesome prize!

-Found a couple of old friends on Facebook! So great to see old faces and catch up on things going on in their lives.
-Sorted through my old clothes and am donating yet another garbage bag full! Sadly, it is not because they are too big for me...ha ha! They aren't too small for me either though...just some shoes, some pants, and a few shirts that I don't wear. Hopefully someone can use them.
-School...want to start back up. Have to drive to Lansing twice a week if I do though. Currently not in the budget.

Had a great time last weekend with my mom and some friends from her church! We scrapbooked the whole weekend! Well, okay, so we ate, slept, chatted, and shopped too! It was so cheap and so much fun! Thanks Amber for letting us come this time! I hope to make this at least an annual thing if not more frequent!

Been working on some cards for the craft show mom and I plan to do sometime this year. Oddly enough, I've been doing some Christmas cards. :) I did a couple sets of all occasion cards earlier. Next I think I will focus solely on Birthday cards. Birthday and Christmas are always the ones we seem to run out of the quickest!

Off to enjoy some of my Monday Mug prize and just think...gee thanks Steve!