February 15, 2010

I am amazed

I am amazed that something from my past coming back into my life can be so overwhelmingly incredible! I have a permanent smile on my face! There is "a hole the size of Texas deep inside of my heart" that has been filled finally! Yeah, I know...I am back to my old self with my music! I missed my songs! Now every day is a new set of lyrics. Everything I do reminds me of a song! Music is amazing! Words or no words. It has the ability to change your mood; to relax you; to uplift you; to energize you. It is just amazingly beautiful!
So...there really was a huge hole in my heart. I am just amazed at what an awesome feeling this is. No holding back. No hiding who I really am. No fussing over the little things. Nope. The real me. That's who I am again! Oh how I missed me. Welcome back Kelly!

1 comment:

colorjunky said...

Just found your blog and it looks like fun. I will be returning soon