February 5, 2010

The New and The Old

-Second job! Different hospital, same work. Training this past week and next week! Loving it!
-Won the Monday Mug contest at work. The prize this time was a plastic football shaped tray (like for chips and dip), beef jerky, cheese popcorn, onion ring flavored chip things, buffalo sticks, raisinettes, mini butterfingers, and junior mints! What an awesome prize!

-Found a couple of old friends on Facebook! So great to see old faces and catch up on things going on in their lives.
-Sorted through my old clothes and am donating yet another garbage bag full! Sadly, it is not because they are too big for me...ha ha! They aren't too small for me either though...just some shoes, some pants, and a few shirts that I don't wear. Hopefully someone can use them.
-School...want to start back up. Have to drive to Lansing twice a week if I do though. Currently not in the budget.

Had a great time last weekend with my mom and some friends from her church! We scrapbooked the whole weekend! Well, okay, so we ate, slept, chatted, and shopped too! It was so cheap and so much fun! Thanks Amber for letting us come this time! I hope to make this at least an annual thing if not more frequent!

Been working on some cards for the craft show mom and I plan to do sometime this year. Oddly enough, I've been doing some Christmas cards. :) I did a couple sets of all occasion cards earlier. Next I think I will focus solely on Birthday cards. Birthday and Christmas are always the ones we seem to run out of the quickest!

Off to enjoy some of my Monday Mug prize and just think...gee thanks Steve!

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