May 27, 2009

Outliving your pacemaker, weekend events

What a cool thing...I had the privelege of checking in a woman that was 102 years old. She outlived her pacemaker! Anywho...on to this past weekend's events.
Thursday was my kick-start to my weekend! It was my birthday! The big 25! I got out of work early (10:30 instead of 2:00...wahoo!). Spent the day relaxing
Friday and Saturday I made some cards, went to some yard sales, ordered my new Cricut cartridges (happy to me) and just hung out.
Sunday I went to church then a bonfire out by the lake.
Monday was a blast! I went to Burley Park with two of my coworkers. They had warned me that it was very large and silly me left my cell phone at home. So we set out and made plans to meet at the hot dog stand at the end of the rows before going on. We started out down the first aisle and I stepped under a tent for a second to check out something that caught my eye. I decided they wanted too much money for it so I left (later to return and offer less and get it). They were only 2 booths down from me when I stepped in and they were nowhere to be seen when I stepped out. So I got to the end of the aisle and stopped and bought some Cinnamon Roasted almonds...delicious! I didn't see them for nearly the whole rest of the day. I kept going back to the hot dog stand but they weren't there. So I wandered and saw some things I should have bought but didn't. I knew they wanted to be home around 1:00 so around noon I headed for the central place where there was a PA system. I paged them to let them know I was waiting there for them. We met up and talked about how we must have kept missing each other at the hot dog stand. Oh well. By this time I had bought a safari themed pillow (that's the theme of my living room), an african zebra mask to hang on the wall, and 6 wooden roses. We decided to go down a few more rows before heading to the car. The first row we went down, Vicki pointed out a bookshelf to me (after I had just been talking about how I needed another bookshelf). They wanted $15; I offered $10 and walked away with it. We stopped at McDonald's for lunch on the way home. I got home and unloaded my stuff and went to make cards (I have been addicted to the challenges online; I just haven't gotten around to making a routine to post them for the challenges.). In taking a break from crafting, I hung the mask on the wall, cleaned and shined up the bookshelf, and made a little reading corner in the living room.
So it was a great weekend with a good balance of fun and relaxation. This weekend I have my cousins' open house on Saturday evening. I hope to get a bunch of cards done this week!

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