April 3, 2011

Busy weekend...

What a crazy couple of days! Sister's bridal shower Saturday afternoon was a blast. I'm so glad she loved it! We all got around and headed out for dinner. Our poor waiter...he was a good sport though! Then headed out for some drinks (except me) and dancing. Home and in bed by about 2:30ish. Up again at 9 to get ready for brunch at an amazing little place (thanks Brittani for showing us that!), then headed to Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies! It was way too hot in there, but it was fun to be with the girls and see the beautiful butterflies! It was raining when we got there; when we came out, it was snowing/sleeting/hailing...whatever it was. It was thundering too. So, I threw my hood on and ran for the car to bring it around to pick everyone else up. Yep...I'm a good friend and sister:)

Food for the weekend...umm...I did okay. Saturday wasn't so bad. I ate before everyone got to the shower, grabbed a protein bar while everyone else was munching, ate before we headed to dinner, then grabbed some BBQ snack mix while everyone else was eating. I had lots of water with lemon (yum), and that was the night. Today was not so good. I had a protein bar and some tea for breakfast, while everyone else was eating their food. Then we headed to see the butterflies. We wandered around there for about an hour or so, then hit the gift shop for a bit. I didn't eat anything while there, nor did I drink any water. I felt like trash when I got home. Water and food should do the trick, oh, and maybe some more sleep!

Figured out today that I have a lot of things to get done in the next 2 weeks...ahhh!!! Where has all the time gone? Better get up and get going. Nah...today's for chillin'.

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