January 13, 2016

People like my creations!

I am excited to share this. I made a Christmas card for my supervisor this year. The unfortunate thing is that I forgot to take a picture of it. She liked it so much that she has been asking me randomly to make cards for her for certain occasions in her life. This is a different supervisor than the one I made the set of 10 blank cards for. I change supervisors at work frequently as schedules change and we add more people to our department. I will actually be changing supervisors again in April when I start a new Monday through Friday shift).
Anyways...she asked me yesterday to make an anniversary card for her to give to someone else. I made the card below and was very excited for it. When I got to work today, I just happened to notice all of the anniversary balloons floating at people's desks (we get balloons and a candy bar from our management team in the month of our anniversaries). It dawned on me that I should have clarified with my supervisor, Sarah, whether it was for a work anniversary or a wedding anniversary (which is where my thinking was when I made this card). I mentioned that to her when I presented the card but she loved it and said it was perfect for either. She then came back to me and told me it was for one of our male supervisors and wondered if we could take the bow off. Because of the way I put it on, I was able to untie it and remove the glue dot and it was sans bow.


  • The card base and black layers is Recollections card stock from Michael's.
  • The white card stock I bought from Walmart. It comes in a ream in the printer section. 
  • The ink used is VersaFine Onyx Black. 
  • The ribbon is from my stash (I'm pretty sure it was given to me at some point along with the rest of my ribbon pieces in a jar). I don't use ribbon very often so I don't have much of it. It is two pieces. The first piece was adhered to the back of the middle panel, wrapped around and then adhered to the back again. For the bow, I slipped a smaller piece of ribbon under the wrapped piece, tied the bow and then stuck half of a glue dot underneath to hold it in place. This is why it was so easy to remove.
  • The stamp on the front of the card is from Fiskars. It is called Elegant Vine. I purchased it on clearance a few years ago and didn't realize until now (since it hadn't been opened yet) that it is for their Continuous Stamping Wheel (that I didn't know existed until now). I don't have that tool, but I just pulled it off from the plastic backing (this was tougher than I thought it should have been) and used it like a normal acrylic stamp. I stamped this a few different times randomly over the three panels using this technique. I watched videos of this technique and many crafters use non-permanent adhesive to layer their papers before stamping. I did as the person in the linked technique tutorial and just layered them on the table (I put a piece of paper underneath them so that I could stamp off the edges) and stamped.
  • I realized after making the front of the card that I don't have any Anniversary stamps so I improvised. The inner stamp is from the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Collection. I used a black pen to write the sentiment.
I am very pleased with how this turned out and I will definitely be using the triple stamping technique again in the future.
I have also now been asked to make another anniversary card and a birthday card for my supervisor as well. I am in charge of my team's recognition for this month and next so I will continue to make birthday cards and anniversary cards for them as well. This gives me goals to meet so that I can book time into my schedule to work on them. If it weren't for those goals, I would put crafting on the back burner and forget to schedule it as part of me-time.

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