April 5, 2013

Red and Purple butterfly

Last year, for her birthday, my coworker Irma, wanted a red bicycle. So, I made her a card with a red bicycle on it :) (I will post a picture of that in the near future...the picture is stored on my external hard drive and I am just too tired to go get it right now...ha ha.)
So, this year, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said she wanted to get a red and purple butterfly tattoo. So...here's the card I made for her:

The butterfly was cut from one of my favorite cartridges Storybook. I can't remember what size I cut it at, but I cut the purple one using the Shorty/Holes cut, and the regular butterfly cut for the red one. The background paper is just a speckled paper that I got in on clearance somewhere. I wrote "Happy Birthday" with a Zig red pen.

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